Kayla Kromer, the creator of the infamous Hamburger Bed, and the recent Millennium Falcon bed that has received world wide attention isn't just into movie inspired beds. She also makes movie inspired food, with her latest creation being a Gummi Alien head.

If you look closely, you can see a lot of detail around the neck, despite the black color. The creepy creature which scared the pants off a lot of people debuted in the move Alien in 1979. In space, no one can hear you scream, but at Kayla's house, you can take a bite out of that nightmarish creature, and instead of acid, it's gummi sweetness.

Kayla put a lot of effort into her latest creation. After looking at several pictures of the movie props, she sculpted a positive mold using Sculpty. After that was cured, she made the negative mold with food grade quick set polymers. After that hardened, she painted in the teeth with white chocolate, and then poured in melted gummi bears that had been died black.
After some cooling in the fridge, she popped it, and voila, Gummi Alien!

[photo credit: Kayla Kromer]
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