When Lars ordered his Real Girl, it was the skeevy act that suddenly became sweet -- the dead-eyed, make-believe girl being his vehicle to wellness and real-life happiness. But .. What if he was a real person, and his Bianca was a paraplegic, Real Girl robot that he's given up his whole life for?

The Daily Mail has shared the story of Le Trung, a man from Brampton, Ontario (just outside Toronto) who has built an almost $50,000 fembot from scratch. But rather than simply enjoying the invention (like, say, Professor Ishiguro), he has developed the most creepy addiction to it. As the article states, this man is obsessed with creating the most perfect humanoid, has gone broke on the endeavor, had to move back in with his parents, and suffered a stress heart attack from working long hours on Aiko, the robot. With a name meaning "love-child," Aiko can speak thousands of sentences in English and Japanese, likes getting new clothes -- "like any woman," Le says, she helps him pick dinner and knows his favorite drinks, plays games with the family, and is "as womanly as possible." They don't dare specifically mention that one "womanly" area, but the Mail says she has a 32-23-33 figure, human-like skin, a real-hair wig, and a "touch sensitive body [that] knows the difference between being stroked gently or tickled." You connect the dots.

Methinks Aiko won't be Le's way to finding real love with a real woman. "Aiko is always helpful and never complains. She is the perfect woman to have around at Christmas." That is, unless you hurt her. "Squeeze too hard [and] she will try to slap you."

Watch a 2008 CNN report on Aiko and Le Trung after the jump.
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