January, a month commonly relegated to such cringe-worthy theatrical fare as 'Bride Wars' and 'Meet the Spartans,' has been definitively pegged for the release of the highly anticipated Michael Cera-starrer 'Youth in Revolt.'

Despite overwhelming positive buzz from the 2009 Toronto Film Festival, the film has surprisingly been shuffled far too many times until its recently secured Jan 2010 release (the film's initial premiere of December 2008 was allegedly pushed back for several re-shoots in early 2009). We're also pretty sure Variety's heap of praise upon the teen comedy helped, with the industry opinion-leader declaring: "Cera and his gifted comic co-stars elevate the mediocre source material into a semi-iconic coming-of-age story."

We spoke with Francois Martin, Senior Vice President of Marketing for The Weinstein Co. in order to get to the bottom of 'Youth in Revolt''s unusual January release ... and found that it was the Weinsteins' goal all along to ride on the coattails of the festival hype and release the film right out of the gates in 2010.
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