If you're reading this site, odds are you've seen Audition, Takashi Miike's 1999 adaptation of Ryu Murakami's novel about a single father whose attempt to start dating again goes horribly wrong when a seemingly innocent woman develops a very one-sided relationship with him. However, unless you are fluent in Japanese, a bit of a language barrier has always separated US readers from the actual book this particularly notorious bit of horror is based on. This may not seem odd to casual readers- after all, how many Japanese horror books have you read in English? - but the stateside absence of Audition is particularly notable considering all of Murakami's less famous novels have already made the voyage to our shores.

Fortunately publishing house W. W. Norton & Company are looking to break down that barrier June 7th, 2010. And if you're curious as to whether or not reading about the surgical exploits of a spurned would-be lover will match the ferocity of Miike's adaptation, I think these quotes culled from Amazon's Audition product page should help sway your mouse towards the Pre-Order button:

"The prose in these passages is elegiac and affecting, but it has the sharp, visceral feel of the butcher's knife or surgeons scalpel a highly compulsive, one-sitting read, and Audition should add to the Renaissance Man's growing fanbase in the English speaking world." -- Irvine Welsh, Guardian

"Murakami has gained a reputation as a diagnostician of Japanese culture in the Bret Easton Ellis/Chuck Palahniuk mode for all his gory details, and his insistence that modern life is just one more movie, Murakami remains a romantic. Trauma and nostalgia may defeat each other, but there's always hope in the form of the next generation." -- Telegraph PRAISE FOR PIERCING
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