If there's one thing I wish carried over from my childhood, it's Colorforms. Those things were so awesome, the sticky vinyl allowing you to recreate scenes with your favorite characters, or throw them up in the window for damage-free art. Collections included Batman, Robin, and the rest of the Super Friends, the Smurfs, He-Man, you name it.

And -- alas -- while they're not experiencing a resurgence, Brandon Bird has tapped into my Colorform-loving heart with a new creation -- the Nicolas Cage Adventure Set. It includes two backgrounds -- a tropical island and haunted castle, 3 different outfits on Cage, and added perks like a space helmet, skateboard, and parrot. Looking at this, I can only hope that more are to come -- Christopher Walken dancing, being creepy, and playing Russian Roulette, Meryl Streep's Julia Child cooking and eating, and my god -- should someone ever make me a Heathers colorform set, I'll ... I can't even think of something that would match my gratitude.

Please, Mr. Bird. You've already wowed us with your paintings (check out the gallery below), so why not make some fangirls and fanboys happy with more adventure sets?

[via CHUD]
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