You know you have entered a new realm of fandom when you are willing to plunk down almost $90,000 for a movie memorabilia recreation -- but that is exactly what a Back To The Future fanatic by the name of edaum is hoping you'll do. That's right, for just $89,000.00 (US), you can be the proud new owner of your very own DeLorean Time Machine (plutonium not included). The car is a perfect replica of Doc Brown's creation, and was crafted from a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 by Gary Weaver, owner of The car is an identical replica to the one used in the film, and I doubt that even the most discerning Back to the Future fan would be able to tell the difference.

Surprisingly, the car is fully operational and only about 2 years old, so unlike most memorabilia, this one you can actually take for a spin -- just imagine the looks you would get at your local Starbucks when you pulled up in this beauty. Although for me the greatest selling point is that the car actually has programmable time circuits and an "OUTATIME" license plate with an '86 registration tag. So far the winning bid is a whopping $59,100.00, but there is still 2 days left, so if you've got the cash to burn (and plenty of it) you will have to act fast. Granted, it's a steep price tag, but there would be no better time to utter that infamous line: "Roads? Where we're going you don't need roads" than when sitting behind the wheel of a car with it's very own flux capacitor. Check our more images below, and see the full listing on eBay.

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