We've arrived at the very end of 2009, which means it's finally time to unveil our hotly-anticipated 25 Hottest and Lamest lists of 2009. Tonight we conclude the festivities with our 25 Lamest of 2009 list, which includes a number of movie-related events (films, actors, actresses, trends, scenes) that we all thought were the hands-down lamest things to happen in Hollywood over the past 12 months. Joining us from the Cinematical staff for this year's lists are Eric D. Snider, William Goss, Monika Bartyzel, Dawn Taylor, Elisabeth Rappe, Jen Yamato, Erik Davis and Peter Hall. For those who missed last night's 25 Hottest of 2009 list, head over here to check that out. Enjoy!

25. Year One

Take the director of National Lampoon's Vacation and Caddyshack, the writer of Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, two writers from The Office, a cast that includes Jack Black, Michael Cera, Hank Azaria, David Cross, and Oliver Platt, and what do you get? One of the dullest comedies of year one, year two, or year 2009. -- ES

24. Rob Zombie
This rocker-auteur has only continued to prove how much of a fluke The Devil's Rejects was by re-crafting the origin story of Michael Myers into a tedious white-trash nightmare, by re-creating the sequel as a laughable psychodrama and then by having the gall to claim that the forthcoming DVD cut is the "real film" that fans really deserve. The only thing scary about these films is that Zombie clearly didn't think the fans deserved better the first two times around. But hey, anything to keep Mrs. Zombie on the payroll... -- WG
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