Wandering through bookstores with my parents as a child, I only ever picked up two things: Goosebumps and movie novelizations. And while nary a day goes by that doesn't find me devoting an hour or two to debating the literary merits of the illustrious R.L. Stine, my adult life has been largely movie novelization (and tie-in) free. Until recently, that is, when I got around to reading Greg Cox's Terminator Salvation tie-in novel Cold War.

His storyline, which expands the Terminator canon (as modified by Salvation) by alternating between the story of a Russian submarine captain who gave the command to launch the nukes on judgment day and a John Connor idolizing member of the resistance in 2018, was pretty much on par with my memory of novelizations from my childhood, until I got to a section that featured an early Terminator model fighting a bear, which I think we can all agree is pretty awesome. And while I was reading Cox' description of a T-600 going fist-to-claw with a grizzly, I got to wondering... what other novelty novelizations have I been missing out on?

Now obviously I'm not talking about novels that are adapted into films, I'm talking about novels that are either adapted from film or are expansions of what took place in a film. Do any readers out there have any favorites? I wish I could offer up a pick of my own, but I just haven't spent enough time in this publishing world niche to even have a favorite (though Alan Dean Foster's novelization of the Lucasarts video game The Dig, which was produced by Steven Spielberg, is surprisingly thought provoking), but I know there must be some gems out there. Anyone have any recommendations?
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