Disney's 4.2 billion dollar purchase of Marvel Entertainment is expected to close this week. With that kind of price tag, Disney's latest acquisition, announced back in August, is heftier than originally planned as Marvel's stock rose by 40% since the announcement, according to a Hollywood Reporter article.

Some of the Marvel properties, such as Spider-Man, are already locked into long term deals with rival studios, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of potential in Marvel's vault.

Disney's doing good, and with that 40% bump in the sticker price, Marvel's healthy, too. So now the question is which one of Marvel's 5,000 plus characters is going to the big screen? Iron Man's first movie took in $572 million, despite being considered a B-list superhero, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Based on the response to the Iron Man 2 trailer debut at Buttnumbathon earlier this month, the sequel will likely do just as well, if not better.

So which will it be? Ant-Man? The Runaways? Dr. Strange? What Marvel superhero would you most like to see brought to the big screen? Inquiring minds want to know.
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