In a world of Jonas Brothers and vampires who don't go all the way, Robert Downey Jr. is the adult woman's sex symbol -- an edgy, talented man with enough charisma to make 'Sherlock Holmes' a hit with those of us who can remember him from his days in the Brat Pack. Not only is he a man you can imagine having actual sex with (no promise rings needed here), he offers something that most Hollywood leading men don't -- a willingness to expose his flaws and vulnerability both on screen and off.

Downey Jr. captured attention for his role in 1987's 'Less Than Zero' and went on to prove his street cred with an Oscar-nominated turn in the title role of 1992's 'Chaplin.' And although his arrest record, known drug use and stints in rehab lend to his bad-boy persona, it's the way he was able to tackle his problems and come out the other side that's really appealing. A self-proclaimed Jewish-Buddhist, our rogue may have found spirituality, but thankfully it hasn't taken away that devilish glint in his soulful brown eyes.
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