Santa Claws didn't come for someone this year. The UK Border Agency seized a package containing a Freddy Krueger claw-like weapon at Coventry's international postal hub this morning. The claws look like a bad ass combination of brass knuckles and knife blades. In other news, movie geeks everywhere debate that the claws are more Wolverine than Freddy Krueger.

I think knives are nifty too but I'm not so sure about this. "Just gonna use these to slice someone to shreds. No big deal."

Although the border staff is used to discovering weapons, drugs (most recently a boat load of fake Viagra) and other restricted items on a regular basis, I'm sure these razor sharp claws won't be forgotten any time soon. The agency was created in 2008 and is responsible for the safety of UK borders and controlling migration.

I would have put this post under the 'Lunatic Made' category, but, oh, we didn't have one.
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