Who doesn't love a good entendre? Somewhere inside all of us is a dirty mind that can't help but produce a little giggle the moment the second grader in us comes upon something that just appears a little forbidden. Don't deny it. You know you used to huddle around the dictionary looking up swear words and had to cover your mouth during sex education. Even today you likely can't help but snicker at car commercials announcing the brand new Super Duty. Words in print mean one thing but saying them out loud can mean something completely different. And funnier.

Throughout the year film critics write a lot and "entertainment reporters" say a lot - the latter sometimes without really thinking. It's easy to slip up and not notice how it will read in or out of context. Then again, some may be well aware and are just far more mature than the rest of us. I bet those with a sense of humor will get a kick out of their words coming back to haunt them, filtered through the minds of those who laugh uncontrollably at the word "poop." So get ready, put on your doody caps and enjoy the 15 dirtiest quotes seen on movie ads in 2009.

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