Thursday may be your last chance to bid on your very own replica of Doc Brown's DeLorean time machine.

Gary Weaver, an aficionado of the time machine used in Robert Zemeckis' 1985 hit Back to the Future, built this and threw it up on eBay. While it's only a replica, and has no guarantee of crossing the time space barrier if it hits 88mph, it does have an AutoCheck Score of 88.

Weaver spent over six years researching and preparing to build what certainly appears to be one of the most accurate Delorean Time Machine replica vehicles at a 1:1 scale.

Weaver's obsession includes owning, a website that provides parts for creating Back to the Future replicas.

The specifications include programmable time circuits, digital speedometer that reads actual vehicle speed, sound effects built into the main time circuit and door openings, simulated plutonium rods that can be loaded into the "reactor," exterior flux band lighting and a 1986 "OUTATIME" metal-stamped license plate with 1986 registration tag, just to name a few.

The original DeLorean only has 78,000 miles on it. It would have been too perfect to have that be 88,000 miles. Time is running out, so decide fast, if you have the 89,000 dollars (US) to spare.
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