Filmmakers! Do you have a brilliant and terrifying short film wasting away in the bowels of the internet? A few dv tapes in a shoebox that you want to foist upon the world? Looking for some attention? Well, I want to see them. Shorts, experimental clips, feature films -- just make them scary! Time provided, I'll give you a little write-up here on horrorsquad. Be warned - I can't promise to be kind. No, some of you may end up placing a fatwa on my head, but hey - it will give you a bit of the spotlight you so crave.

Alternatively, if you've got news, a website, or a press release you want to get out into the ether, let me know.

Send them my way. Hit me with a DM on twitter - @CaptainMurphy - for the details, or email me at I can't wait to see what you've got. Show me your brilliance! Here's hoping this has opened a Pandora's Box of depravity. Stay scary!
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