Quiet Earth has new images of Albert Pyun's latest, Bulletface. Pyun has nearly 50 films on his resume, but many are straight to DVD, and sequels and other franchise films (Cyborg, Nemesis III, Left for Dead). I haven't watched any of Pyun's films that I can recall, but you never know.

Reports indicate the sci-fi script involves a DEA agent imprisoned in a Tijuana penal colony after trying to help her brother. Being a south of the border prison, corruption is rampant to the extent prison officials harvest organs from the inmates. But when a new DNA based drug starts altering addicts, the agent gets a temporary furlough to help bring the drug lord behind it down.

Victoria Maurette (Left for Dead) stars as Dara, the agent, along with Steven Bauer (Scarface), Scott Paulin (Infection), Morgan Weisser (Space: Above and Beyond), Jenny Dare Paulin, and Eddie Velez. Several of the actors have worked with Pyun on prior projects. The is from Randall Fontana's script and his third venture with Pyun.

Bulletface is due out in January.
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