In 2009, no television show gave me more joy than Fox's high school musical, "Glee." The cheeky series about a ragtag Midwest school show choir struggling to make it to Sectionals and avoid getting Slushied in the hallways by the cool kids has delivered an arguably solid 13 episodes full of drama, forbidden romance, bitter rivalries, teen pregnancy, marital duplicity, show tunes and pop covers, and the full comic force of Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), the scariest villain to ever wear a two-piece track suit.

This week the first 13 episodes of "Glee" are being released to DVD, which should sate those of us going through withdrawals from now until the first season resumes four agonizingly long months from now. But why bring up a TV show on a movie site? Well, because once upon a time, "Glee" was conceived as a major motion picture.

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