It's hard to imagine a world without Slacker. It helped frame epic '90s slackerdom. It made Richard Linklater an indelible name in the independent movie scene. It challenged notions of cinematic plot. It gave Texas an identity beyond red meat and tough guys with guns. It showed what could be made with very little money (the film cost $23 grand.) And, of course, it inspired Kevin Smith to make Clerks.

The story is not so easy to share since, in fact, there isn't one. The film just follows one day in the life of a number of Austin residents, moving from character to character, scene to scene, from a UFO buff to a girl who tries to sell Madonna's pap smear. (That character, pictured right, is Teresa Taylor, once secondary drummer for The Butthole Surfers.)

While I wholeheartedly suggest checking out the Criterion if you can, there's also the ability to go back in time for free, courtesy of SlashControl. Fan of the '90s, of great cinematic conversations, theory, zaniness, and cult cinema? If so...

Watch Slacker Over at SlashControl
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