Sony does indeed have a new Flash Gordon movie in development with Breck Eisner (Sahara) attached to direct, that much is true, but there's a casting rumor coming from Hollyscoop -- the same site that reported the Taylor-Swift-as-Supergirl hooey just a few weeks ago. Sam Worthington is said to be the number one contender on a wish list that also includes Ryan Reynolds.

I'm sure he is. With Avatar on the top of the box office charts, it positions Worthington as the genre action hero of the moment. This isn't even remotely close to actual casting news -- it's someone (who may or may not be involved with the production) just throwing the name of a likely actor out there and saying, "Gee, you know who'd make a pretty good Flash Gordon?" It's spit-balling. Everybody can do that. I'm sure you've thought of a couple cool casting choices for Flash Gordon just now, while you read this.

My first exposure to Flash Gordon was the Filmation animated series, but most people are familiar with him from the 1980 cult camp classic film. His comic book roots go all the way back to 1934, when Alex Raymond created the character as a blatant rip-off respectful competitor to Buck Rogers -- another popular comic of the time about an all-american hero transported to a hostile alien world.

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