Jennifer Lynch's newest film, Hisss (formerly titled Nagin) features special effects work by Precinct 13's Robert Kurtzman, director of Wishmaster and The Rage, among others. Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat is the sexy but deadly snake woman who avenges her mate's death. The film is loosely based on the Eastern myth of the snake woman who takes on human form. No official word about a release date but we should be seeing it sometime in the new year.

Dread Central and Monster Island News recently posted some stills from the film which features the sexy Sherawat all dolled up in snake skin. Even though the above image looks like she's being attacked by romaine lettuce, it doesn't take much to see that Sherawat smolders on screen.

According to Monster Island, Lynch (daughter of the amazing David Lynch), recently told Buzzine, "I definitely want people to see this film and say it is the greatest horror movie made in the history of cinema, better than Hitchcock, better than The Exorcist" Obviously the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Those Lynch folks have more guts than Anthropophagus.

And if that bold statement didn't get your attention, how about this quote from Sherawat about the 'love' scene?

"As it is, my parents have disowned me!" Sherawat joked. "Now, when they see me making love to a snake...?! Oh my God! And it was a rubbery, slimy, slithering snake. And Jennifer would tell me, 'Lick it harder!' Yuck!"

Hit the jump for some more photos of Sherawat and the Hisss trailer.
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