Akif Pirinçci's 2001 novel "Die Damalstuer" has been adapted as the feature film The Door (Die Tür), starring Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale).

A successful painter (Mads Mikkelsen) suffers the consequences of his actions at the cost of his daughter's life. Years later, he discovers a door that leads to the day she died. What seems as a promising chance for a new beginning soon turns into a nightmare where nothing is as it seems.

Pirincci has been dubbed Germany's Stephen King, so chances are it's got some snowballing twists in it. Die Tür was adapted for the screen by Jan Berger and directed by Anno Saul, two names I don't recognized, but then I'm not overly familiar with German film. Co-star Jessica Schwarz was in Perfume; The Story of a Murderer, but I don't remember her role. The producer team were behind the recent film Flame and Citron, which I missed in my local arthouse.

Die Tür was released in November has been released in Germany, but currently doesn't have a US distributor. Who knows when we'll see it here, but it's one to watch for with Mikkelsen in the lead, as I've yet to be unimpressed with the Danish actor's performances.

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