The last month or so of 2009 has been a rough stretch when it comes to losing genre luminaries. Paul Naschy left us back around Thanksgiving and Dan O'Bannon passed not long after. Unfortunately, we can add another name to the list of the departed: Chas. Balun. Balun was a writer, artist, critic, and all around horror connoisseur. He lost a lengthy battle with cancer on December 18th and will certainly be missed by fans, writers, and countless filmmakers who were influenced, inspired, and informed by his work.

A champion of obscure and gory horror in the days before you could drive to the mall and pick up a DVD copy of Cannibal Holocaust, Balun not only turned an entire generation on to the inherent coolness of filmmakers like Lucio Fulci, but he inspired many of us to follow in his footsteps when it came to writing about the genre. Balun might have been the first horror blogger--if blogs had been around back when he started.

Funny, irrverent, confrontational, insightful and intelligent--Chas. Balun was all of these things and more. He will be greatly missed.

Jump past the break for more on Chas.' career and his influence on me personally.
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