It's my goal to keep the Chas. Balun love flowing here at Horror Squad today, and to that end I bring you this reprint of my review of the author's seminal work on gore cinema, Gore Score 2001: The Splatter Years. This piece originally appeared way back in 2004, as part of my weekly The Horror Geek Speakscolumn over at IGN. The column has been dead for years, but you can still find this piece (and countless others I published during the several year run I had at the site) through the magic of Google.

If you loved Chas.' work, then owning a copy of Gore Score 2001 is like the perfect trip down memory lane. If you're only hearing about Balun's work now that he's passed on, this book will demonstrate why some of us are so saddened by his untimely death.

Use the "read more" button below to read the full review and celebrate Balun's legacy.
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