Do you feel uncomfortable when you come across an interview that devolves into a complete train wreck of awkward questions and fake smiles? The kind where hosts have no idea what they're talking about while guests have zero visible desire to be there, yet both parties are contractually obligated to trudge along no matter how cringe-inducing it all becomes. Well, if, like me, you can barely stand to watch such rich embarrassments, then have I got a magnificent clip for you.

This 8 minute long bit of talk show pain comes our way via the MTV UK show Hanging Out circa the end of 1996. The cast of Star Trek: First Contact had stopped by to promote their new film, however, the show's two hosts were not only ill equipped to talk Trek, but seemed barely capable of forming words. Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, and Brent Spiner (who is constantly addressed as Data) all do their best to save face despite the hosts increasing number of blunders but there was no saving the interview. Things start off rough but salvageable with the female host, Simone, confusing who is who, but if name and character mix-ups were the only problem here, it wouldn't be worth talking about, now would it?

Nope, things just keep getting worse and worse until the whole show turns into a massive face palm. And if you think, like Simone clearly does, that outsourcing the questions to off-screen callers is going to ease the tension in the room, you're in for a treat.

Enjoy. Assuming you can stand to watch the whole thing, that is.
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