Come April 16th of 2010, the world will be introduced to Alexandre Aja's remake of the 1978 icthyan classic Piranha. Not content with making a normal remake infused with all the requisite blood one would come to expect from a film that deal with man-eating fish, the remake will be made in 3D. Unless the film features plenty of piranha jumping out of the water, I don't really see how effective the 3D can be, but fingers are crossed.

While many (and as much as I hate to admit it given my distaste for everything Aja has done, myself) are incredibly excited for this film, fans of the original will get the opportunity to see the original in all its bloody glory on Blu-Ray. According to Shock Till You Drop, the Shout Factory is set to release the Roger Corman-produced classic - complete with "Roger Corman's Cult Classics emblazoned across the top - on April 6th., a mere ten days before the release of the remake.

Unfortunately, there are no special features listed for the release, and Arrow in the Head also reports that Amazon has listed a later date, that of May 4th, for its release date. To reiterate Arrow's point, the April 6th release date sounds more plausible, as it coincides with the release of the remake, but weirder things have happened.

Now I just need a Blu-Ray player. And a TV.
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