Troubling rumors continue to swirl around Universal's remake of The Wolfman, but today I bring you the rare bit of positive news: The official website for the film is now online and open for business.

As far as movie websites go, this one is pretty run of the mill. Universal treats viewers to the trailer, then whisks them off to a menu where they can learn more about lycanthropy, check out a site devoted to Universal's classic monster movies, and promises that the opportunity to "explore Blackmoor" is coming soon. There's even a photo gallery, but the interface is so annoying that I made it through two photos before giving up completely.

At one time, the film (which sees Benicio Del Toro tackling the role of the wolfman) was highly anticipated. Now, after a delay (that saw the release date shift from November to February), changes in the crew (Danny Elfman left the project, the editor was replaced), and lots of stories about reshoots because the special FX weren't up to snuff, most horror fans are far less optimistic about the final project. I'll say this--the trailer still looks great.

Del Toro is joined by Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving in the film, which was directed by Joe Johnston, will debut in theaters on February 12th.
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