Apple's forthcoming tablet will revolutionize life as we know it. If it even exists, that is. An overview of the rumors and speculation are provided in the Los Angeles Times, which points out that Apple has declined to acknowledge the existence of the tablet, widely thought to be an iPhone-like device with a bigger screen, costing between $600-$1000, and due out this spring or summer. The big question for movie fans: will a tablet satisfy a pent-up demand? Or create an interest you never knew you had before?

Who, after all, wants to watch a movie on a tiny screen? To pass a few minutes while waiting for an appointment or a flight, or to catch up on a TV sitcom or podcast might be fine, but I suspect that Avatar will lose something on a two-inch screen. Ah, and that's where the supposed appeal of Apple's rumored tablet comes in. If the screen is, say, 10 inches, is that big enough? What's the minimum size to watch a movie and not feel like you're shortchanging the experience? If Avatar is a true game changer and other outsized 3-D adventures follow in its wake, can they ever be appreciated outside of a theater?

Convenience is one thing, but if it's a movie I really want to see -- or a favorite I'm watching again -- I want the biggest screen possible. How about you? Could you see yourself curling up in bed, on a sofa, or on the go to watch a movie on a 10-inch tablet if the price is right? Does Apple's rumored tablet pique your interest or make you yawn? Can Avatar or similar flicks ever be enjoyed on a small screen?