The Karate Kid
Jaden Smith is a young man who can't seem to fit in with his new surroundings after his mom relocates them to China. A martial arts expert played by Jackie Chan teaches him how to defend himself from the bullies that are making his life hell. This seemed like a bad idea when I first heard about it, but the trailer is giving me a positive vibe. Smith is appealing as the young protege and the trailer features a few homages to the original. Watch for this one on June 11.

Like the teaser, this second trailer doesn't do a real good job of telling you what the movie is about but it will certainly make you want to know more. Leonardo DiCaprio stars and Chris Nolan directs this sci-fi (at least I think it's sci-fi) thriller. This one hits on July 16.

How to Train Your Dragon
Here's the second trailer to this 3D animated family comedy from Dreamworks. A young viking boy goes against the tradition of his people and decides he doesn't want to fight dragons. In fact, the big fire breathing lizards aren't nearly as bad as he's been led to believe and he sets out to befriend them. I'm sure the 3D will make this visually spectacular, but nothing else is really exciting me here. This one will be out on March 26.

Marmaduke? Seriously? I know comics properties are hot in Hollywood but who thought it was a good idea to adapt one of the lamest newspaper comics in the history of the medium? You can't get a real feel for the movie from this teaser but the giant great dane voiced by Owen Wilson does seem to have some personality so who knows? June 4 is the release date.

Three young people fight to survive after they are trapped on a chairlift at a ski resort. Looks kind of like Open Water on skis. Watch for this one on February 5.