I'm sure there are a ton of you who received an iPhone as a gift over the holidays, and I bet you've been busy dancing to ringtones, showing the phone off to your relatives and waving it in the face of those friends who think their Blackberry is, like, the best thing ever. One imagines you've also been scouring the App Store for apps that interest you. The good thing for movie geeks and/or filmmakers is that there are a slew of very cool apps you can download and play around with -- some of which I wasn't even familiar with until The Wrap threw together this nifty list.

They list 10 movie-related apps that range from goofy, geeky things to pass the time (like the "HAL 9000" app that spits out lines from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey every time you touch the glowing red orb) to useful, on-the-job apps (like the "Artemis Director's Viewfinder", which lets you preview a shot after you enter the format, aspect ratio and type of lens you're using). Some of these apps, like the "Artemis Director's Viewfinder", are already being used by production teams on shows like 30 Rock and Nurse Jackie, while others -- like "Movie Tweets" -- could be used by you to check out the latest Twitter buzz on a film you're thinking about seeing. You can check out the rest of their recommendations over here.

A couple apps they didn't include (that you might also want) are "Moviefone" and "IMDB" (self explanatory) and "Run Pee", which offers up tips on when to go to the bathroom during a movie. Feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments.
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