I love scouring the web in search of the hidden gems of indie film, those diamonds in the rough that come out of nowhere. It's like uncovering a secret. Unfortunately, most of the 'secrets' are things that should remain hidden. Yes, some of your low budget efforts deserve to be buried in the basement along with that dead hooker and the Mama's Family boxed set. They're fountains of shame that would drive men mad if sipped from, but you've got to take a chance now and then. Flying low out of the wilds of Canada is the directorial debut of one Dan Walton, Bind.

A weekend getaway to a scenic winter wonderland takes a deadly turn when a group of friends find themselves pitted against the elements and a dark presence with a bloody agenda.

Sounds simple and promising so far, right? According to the reprobates over at Horror-movies.CA, they've made the film filthy with B,C, and Z-listers from all over the place, adding faces like PJ 'totally' Soles (Halloween) and Al Santos (Jeepers Creepers 2).

For the three of you who still use MySpace, you can check out the official page here, even though info is scarce there. All of the sources I've found indicate that shooting will start up in March up in Vancouver. The trailer below, such as it is, must be a quick short to drum up interest and to show off that gorgeous cataract of blood.

Check it out here. It's more of a clip, really. Bare down for some questionable acting and lighting. There is, however, a pretty, spurting neck wound and one of my favorite Patsy Cline songs.
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