A spoiler warning might not be necessary here, since literally every one of Earth's 6.7 billion residents has seen Avatar, and since it's apparent from a basic plot description that this is going to happen in the movie anyway, but just in case: SPOILER WARNING. In Avatar, one of the 10-foot monkeycats, a Na'vi named Neytiri, has sex with a 10-foot avatar that's sort of a Na'vi but sort of a human too, operated remotely by an Earthling named Jake. It's a tender scene, these two blue cartoons doin' the nasty, signifying the union between the human and Na'vi societies. But it's short on details.

James Cameron managed to get away with a lot of steamy business in Titanic (which was also PG-13), but this time he played it safe. There is no scene of Jake sketching a topless Neytiri, nor of Neytiri's hand sliding down a fogged-up window in the back seat of a banshee. All we see are the two lovers kissing, a bit of fumbling around, then cut to another scene. Very chaste, very tasteful. But come on! We want to know how the Na'vi do it! They wear little loincloths around their junk areas, so one assumes the goods are there, and the Na'vi generally seem mammalian, as far as that goes. But they also have those tendrils ponytail things. Those must play a part somehow.

Zoe Saldana, who played Neytiri, says yes! They do! ReelzChannelquotes a group interview in which Saldana reports that they filmed a somewhat more detailed scene but cut it from the movie. She said it's only logical that the tails would be involved, since they're used to hook up with everything else on Pandora. "If you sync to your banshee and you're syncing to a tree, why not sync into a person?" she said. Why not indeed!