Hearkening back to the days of pure, terrifying audio comes the Dead of Night radio show. At the helm is a fellow by the name of Dick Grunert, a writer/director based deep in the heart of Hollywoodland. Grunert has produced some rather polished old time radio dramas in the style of Buck Rogers and his ilk, only this plays out like a Tales from the Crypt. There are stories of vampires, monsters, and all manner of the bump in the night horror you find in the pages of Creepy magazine, and approached with the same goofy love. They've really gone all out on these - sound effects, production values, and some top notch voice acting.

Currently there are 5 episodes, but according to Mr. Grunert, they're going to start rolling them out regularly, with the newest starting in January. They're fun, professional, and a nice dose of retro eeriness. he most recent episode, 'Night Delivery', can be downloaded directly from this here link. You'll see where it's headed, but it's a quick listen and well worth your time. Our protagonist, a disfigured warehouse worker, goes on a mysterious, late night delivery that naturally goes horribly wrong.

Grunert described their following as 'small but loyal'. Show them some HorrorSquad love, why don'tcha?
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