I'm constantly amazed by how much thought, time and effort some folks put into their fan-made costumes. Me? I'll buy a mask for twenty bucks and then see what I have in my closet that best matches the character's outfit. But then you get dudes like Anthony Le who spend hours upon hours hand-crafting the perfect War Machine costume in anticipation ofIron Man 2 hitting theaters in May. This thing looks so good, even director Jon Favreau has commented on how much he digs the effort.

The coolest part about this costume is that it was created before the Iron Man 2 trailer and images hit -- way back over the summer, with only leaked Comic Con footage to go by. Granted, the costume is a bit of a hybrid between Phil Saunders War Machine concept art and the War Machine from Iron Man 2, but you gotta hand it to the guy for piecing together a costume that looks a lot like the one from the movie. Here are some of the stats on the costume from Le himself (via the Superhero Hype forums):

-Built material High Impact urethane
-over 600+ rivets and rivet washer used so far
-Wrist rockets w/ laser v1.0completed
-Mini Gun simulated fire and drop lock system w/laser v1.0 completed
-Movie accurate Arch reactor v3.0
-Mid-section w/ movable plates v3.0
-"underwear armor" v2.0 Completed
-Leg's/Pants armor v3.0 Completed
-Armor shoes v1.0 Completed
-Neck cover piece armor v2.0

Things still need completed
-Replusor gauntlets
-Upgraded helmet v7.0 w/ upgraded flip open/close hinge system
-lighted eyes "in progress"
-remote firing system "to shoot bottle rockets hehehe"
-replusor gauntlet top cover.
-Paint job with brush metal finish.

Check out more images below ...

[va The Awesomer]
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