The New Year isn't starting off wonderfully for John Hillcoat. The director has been writing a cinematic diary for The Road over at the Telegraph, and in an epilogue, Hillcoat revealed that his upcoming all-star cast project "has fallen apart." The project in question is The Wettest County in the World, which had since changed its title to The Promised Land.*

Hillcoat wrote: "My own new project -- with a much-loved script by Nick Cave and a dream all-star cast -- has fallen apart. The finance company that we began The Road with has also fallen apart, having to radically downsize to one remaining staff member. The great divide has begun, with only very low-budget films being made or huge 3-D franchise films -- the birth of brand films such as Barbie, Monopoly: The Movie -- who knows what's next, Coca-Cola: The Movie?"

Another dramatic and bleak film -- an aspect which is sure to have affected potential interest -- Promised had names like Scarlett Johansson, Shia LaBeouf, Ryan Gosling, Michael Shannon, Paul Dano, and Amy Adams circling it. And bleak or not, with Cave's pen involved, the story of some Depression-era bootleggers was sure to be something worth checking out. (Remember The Proposition?)

Unfortunately, as Hillcoat notes, there's little room these days between the lowest of indies and the big blockbusters and mainstream fare. Here's hoping something works out and the tide changes for this Cave/Hillcoat collaboration.

[via The Playlist]

*Note: There has been some confusion over the book's name. As the cover attests, it's "Wettest County," not "Wettest Country."
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