Brit actress Lucy Punch -- "Running Blonde Woman" in Grindhouse, Eve Draper of Hot Fuzz -- has just signed onto a new film called Earthbound, according to The Hollywood Reporter. We haven't mentioned this film before, but it's a new project that -- believe it or not -- stars Kate Hudson and Gael Garcia Bernal, and will be directed by The Woodsman helmer Nicole Kassell.

That's enough to suggest that Hudson might finally be making some effort to leave the flimsy fame of mediocre romcom fare (along with her supporting performance in Nine), but not quite. Moving away from The Woodsman's pedophiliac ways, the Gren Wells-written Earthbound focuses on a woman who learns she has cancer ... right before she meets a new guy. Punch is going to play the usual best friend/co-worker role.

Granted, there's still hope for the film, but just those five little words -- "before meeting a new guy" -- sticks the knife in deep. I'd like to think that regardless, this should be something a little more substantial with Garcia Bernal involved, but there is the possibility that this slips back to his days of I'm with Lucy ... but at least it's not Bride Wars 2. Earthbound heads into production this month in Louisiana.
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