Obviously you're just as addicted to MTV's Jersey Shore as everyone else is, though we understand if you don't want to admit it in a public forum like I just did. Look, whatev -- some shows are so much of a train wreck, it's impossible to turn away. Watching Jersey Shore is like the equivalent of slowing down on the highway to check out the ridiculous 10-car pileup on the side of the road. Part of you feels really bad for the people in those cars, but then another, much scarier part of you wishes you could pull over and hang out for a few hours, tweeting photos of each vehicle so all your Twitter followers could be envious of your car accident chillin' ways. Maybe you'd even throw in a fist pump to the car with the least amount of damage.

Anyway, in anticipation ofYouth in Revolt hitting theaters this weekend, MTV is filming some sort of parody featuring Michael Cera and the cast of Jersey Shore, which is slowly turning into the most popular MTV show ever. I half expect MTV to move their offices to the Jersey Shore after this season is over, and I fully expect a number of different spin-offs (Staten Island Guidettes? Brooklyn Bad Boys?) to begin filming real soon. Jersey Shore's Pauly D. tweeted a few photos from the set earlier today, one of which featured Cera all Jersey Shore-ified (see above).

Check out all three images below.

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