It's been awhile since we visited Our Favorite Montages. We haven't forgotten about cinema's quick and easy route through things like "training," "carnage" and "character development," we've just been busy with other things. But what better way to bring in the first week of 2010 by going Commando?

When Anton Chekhov advised writers not to tell him the moon was shining, but to show the glint of light on broken glass, he could never have imagined that Arnold Schwarzenegger's rippling muscles would be that poetry in action. Oh sure, the movie can tell us he's a retired elite commando who just wants to be left in America's clean countryside. But the filmmakers chose to show it with ice cream, wood chopping, and laughs. Is John Matrix tormented about his violent and bloody past? Hell no! He's proud of what he did for his (adopted?) country. Because of Matrix, deer can walk about unmolested and the streams run clear and unpolluted. Why, we even know he's fine with his government ordained past because he's training his daughter in his lethal footsteps -- and in my imagination, her mother's, because I'm convinced she's the product of one night with an agent provocateur.

Well done, Mark L. Lester! Chekhov would be proud. The scene is below the jump.