The incredibly addicting game from PopCap, Plants vs. Zombies, will be making its way to the iPhone/iPod Touch this January, according to PopCap's Facebook page. The tower defense game that was just released this summer has been extremely popular--boasting an imaginative design and lots of gameplay variety. PvZ is a charming little bugger.

If you're one of the 2 people who hasn't played this game yet, it goes something like this: zombies are on your lawn, your garden isn't happy about it and you play mad-gardener to kill the undead and prevent them from entering your house. There are 48 different plants you can grow your army from including things like pea shooters, hot tamales and Venus zombie traps. You have 26 different zombies to contend with so as simple as the game is, there's actually a bit of strategy involved. As the levels increase, you're thrown a mini game here and there which provides a nice little twist from the norm. Four game modes, 50 story mode levels, mini-games, puzzle mode and survival mode equals good stuff.

Personally, I'm hoping PopCap comes up with PvZ for Android soon. I wanna kill zombies while waiting for the subway and Devilry Huntress has lost its appeal for now. Check out the sickeningly cute, pop-tastic music video for PvZ after the jump.
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