First off, let me disappoint fans of Alex Cox' 1984 cult classic sci-fi comedy starring Emilo Estevez; Repo Men is not a sequel to Repo Man. Miguel Sapochnik's film is not about men who reposes your car or your TV if you get a few weeks behind on your payment. No, Repo Men is about futuristic experts who are dispatched by an organ transplant corporation to retrieve their product, be it a liver or a heart, by any means necessary should the customer be fiscally tardy.

Yes, it sounds an awful lot like the plot to Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera, but that's purely coincidental. Back in 2003, writer Eric Garcia began developing the story as a simultaneous script and novel (the latter being title The Repossession Mambo), while both films happened to go into production around the same time in 2007. So think of Repo Men as the Deep Impact to Repo!'sArmageddon, except in this scenario we're not talking about asteroids, but a future in which it is common place to have your organs re-harvested without a moment's notice.

The film stars Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as the titular agents of retrieval and looks to be about 1 part action film, 1 part dark comedy, and 1 part advertisement as to why this kind of business model should never, ever be allowed to take place. So check it out below, though keep in mind this is a Red Band trailer; and unlike several movies who have been slapping on the adults only label for trailers that are decidedly lame, this one is definitely Not Safe For Work.
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