Well it's 2010; officially the future according to most of the post-apocalyptic films I watch. In fact, we've outlasted scores of cinematic omens and, while gas is absurdly expense, we have not yet entered Road Warrior territory. In reverence of the dawning of a near year, and while I was six different kinds of trashed on New Year's Eve, I pondered the plethora of holiday themed horror out there. Ultimately, after drunk-dialing an old girlfriend and vomiting with enough ferocity as to terrify Regan MacNeil, I decided to spend a year charting the holidays as only our beloved horror genre could deliver them. Each month I will examine one film with an appropriate temporal tie-in and strive to cast a bloody shadow over any semblance of merriment. Though a bit late, the first film of this new feature will be the obscure, but fantastic,New Year's Evil.

New Year's Evil revolves around a rocking party, of the same name, celebrating the passing of another year. The hostess is an aged new wave radio DJ who, inexplicably, has a massive youth culture following. The party features live feeds from New Year's parties in three additional timezones so they can watch the ball drop four times. As the dancing and the shrieking rock fills the penthouse ballroom, Diane the DJ (yes, that is her uber rock-n-roll name) begins to take calls. A madman with a robotic voice breaks through and announces that he will kill one person upon the stroke of each midnight; saving Diane herself for last. Is it a prank, or the onset of a nightmare no one will be able to forget?
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