The spice will flow again, because the Duneremake has a new director. Pierre Morel, helmer of Takenand District B13, has climbed into the director's chair. According to Variety, he's officially set to replace Peter Berg, who dropped out to helm Battleshipthis past October.

Paramount is also looking for a new scriptwriter. Josh Zetumer wrote the last draft, but Morel is looking to incorporate some of his own ideas into the script. So they're looking for someone to work those in. Morel is determined to keep it faithful to Frank Herbert's novel, so the new ideas may be something that'll really please Dune fans.

It's an interesting choice. Rumor had it that Paramount wanted Neill Blomkamp or Neil Marshall, and a lot of fans favored Blomkamp. But he's off working on his own untitled projects and is reportedly determined to steer clear of big budget sci-fi. Morel certainly has the frenetic energy of Marshall, but is that something that'll fit an epic and layered saga such as Dune? On the other hand, the tale of a decaying Empire fits with the themes of societal corruption and betrayal that he touched on in District B13. So perhaps Morel and Herbert will be a marriage made in heaven. However, please share your thoughts on this intriguing news in the comments.
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