2008 was chock-full of Goonies rumors. Animation, sequels, cheapo DVD releases -- you name it. And before that, back in 2007, Adam F. Goldberg was pitching a Goonies Musical to Richard Donner. It's one of many morsels that fed into the possibility of The Goonies hitting Broadway -- rumors that never came to fruition.

But while Donner seems to be no closer to bringing the cast back for anything more than reunion interviews, Slashfilm has shared some songs from a fan-created musical for the classic '80s film. Unfortunately, The Truffle Shuffle didn't get any musical love, but there is "Sloth's Song," "Taking it Back," "Piano Lessons," and my favorite -- "Tubes," which you can check out after the jump. It seems that Rob Dean and Keith Doughty have been writing songs for a Goonies musical for a while now, and they've now recorded them and teamed them with clips from the film.

Fan creations are nothing new, but chew on this -- Evil Dead: The Musical came out of some fan love in Toronto, and made its way to New York in an off-Broadway production, and continues to tour across the U.S. Do you think The Goonies could find similar success through a fan-led stage production?