Avatarhas grossed $352 million after three weeks of release. That in itself is nothing earth-shattering -- the movie is only third fastest to $300 million behind Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Dark Knight (it's second-fastest to $350 million), and is only 15th on the all-time domestic charts. Worldwide, however, things look different.There, Avatar has broken the $1 billion mark, and is sitting at number four -- which is just about $100 million out of number two. Titanic is the top worldwide grosser, of course, and its $1.8 billion number still looks tough to match, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility.

Domestically, things get more interesting when you consider that Avatar's $68.3 million third weekend is the top third weekend of all time. And its 10% week-to-week drop is remarkable even considering that the top grosser over Christmas generally holds up well over the slow first weekend of the new year. (Marley & Mefell 33%; National Treasure: Book of Secrets 44%; Night at the Museum 35%.) Again, Titanic's record-holding number ($600 million on the nose) still looks very far away. But January is a notorious Hollywood dead zone, and Avatar shows few signs of slowing down.

The rest of the top 10 -- all holdovers -- also mostly did good business over the holiday weekend. Sherlock Holmes predictably took the biggest hit, but even it didn't do badly, dropping less than 40% and bringing its cume to $140 million. The Blind Sidesaw a 10% boost and broke $200 million (the modestly budgeted film's success is every bit as notable as Avatar's, I think). And The Princess and the Frog finally rebounded a bit after a few tough weeks, gaining business despite dropping theaters, and making a $100 million finish probable.

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