While watching Avatar, I never once thought "Oh, how I'd love to be a ten foot tall cat person and swing through the trees loving nature and plugging my hair into dirt!" No. I was thinking "Oh, how I'd love to have a ten foot tall exoskeleton with machine guns and a massive freakin' bowie knife so I can wage all sorts of wonderful combat."

While my dreams of rampaging through jungles in a giant robot suit will probably not be realized any time soon, I can take comfort in knowing that heat rays, taser turrets and robot drones are out there to blow stuff up real good in the meantime. Wired has helpfully compiled a nifty list of military weapons that look like something out of a science fiction film. While some of the tech on the list is just updated weaponry (like the new and improved flashbang), some of it is delightfully bizarre and sinister, like the device that causes instant seasickness. My personal favorite in the above-mentioned taser turret, which shoots 24 electric probes at oncoming enemy troops or pesky crowds of protesters.

Next step: phasers! Seriously U.S. Military. Bring me phasers. I want phasers now.
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