Walter Cronkite died last year, leaving a legacy that included a 19-year run on the CBS Evening News, the moniker "the most trusted man in America," the man who told the world that President Kennedy was dead, and the seemingly unbeatable persona as "the voice of God." But if you have to replace God's voice, why not get the big man himself? Or, at least the man who has played him in both Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty -- who has become a powerful narrator in his own right?

The Associated Press reports that 6 months after Cronkite's death, his voice is now leaving CBS Evening News. If you don't listen to the program, he's remained a presence, having most recently voiced Katie Couric's introduction. But now that intro is voiced by Morgan Freeman. CBS News President Sean McManus says: "As comforting as it is to look back on the great career that Walter had, we're looking forward now and we just felt it was the right time to make the move that at some point had to be made. This seemed like the appropriate time since Walter's passing to make the move."

I would think that the appropriate time would be when they need an intro for a new anchor, but as they say -- out with the old and in with the ... slightly less old?