About a month ago, my esteemed Cinematical colleague William Goss wrote, "[Babies] just looks like an excuse for people to pay ten dollars to coo audibly in public, alongside anyone else willing to do the same."

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid to admit I might be one of those people. Last week the trailer for Babies played before the movie I was seeing, and, well, I'm not sure I cooed per se, but I did giggle and maybe I pointed my finger a little at the screen and nudged my friend when one baby bit the other. And then when the goat drank the baby's bathwater? Remember that? "This is like the CuteOverload.com of movies," my friend whispered to me.

Of course, I've been a longtime reader of CuteOverload.com for several years now; I had a particularly frustrating day job and a little hit of cuteness in the form of a disapproving bunny or bizarre Japanese dwarf flying squirrels would be just enough to make it through until our afternoon coffee run.

However, according to Vanity Fair's Jim Windolf, this insidious cuteness is ruining American culture. No, really. That's what the tagline for his article in the December 2009 issue states on the cover: "HOW GRANDMAS AND 12-YEAR-OLD GIRLS ARE CORRUPTING AMERICAN CULTURE." You know that issue, the one with RPatz on the cover and comments like, "i love this one he seems like hes in such deep thought...i wish he was thinkin of me!!!!!!!!!" on the site?
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