With the final season of ABC's Lost fast approaching, I've gone into lockdown, avoiding anything and everything that could even remotely be considered a spoiler. In past years, I'd indulge myself with a little rumor or two just to whet my appetite, but this year: nothing. No trailers, no teasers, no rumors, no spoilers, no screencaps, no behind-the-scene photos, no cast interviews, no crew interviews, no speculation. Nothing.

But hey, this new Last Supper-inspired cast picture is pretty cool. So I break my personal embargo to bring it to you (click on the link below to check out the full-sized versions).

Although Battlestar Galacticabeat Lost to the punch with the whole Last Supper thing (and quite frankly, did a better job with it), it's still a fun little promotional piece. Of course, the Lost geek in me instantly tried to analyze the pic to find any sort of significance to the placement of every character. Does John Locke, seated at the center, split the cast into the two sides who will face off in some sort of brutal endgame?

The final season of Lost begins February 2nd. Will the most addicting, frustrating, intelligent and fascinating TV series of the past decade stick the landing? I sure hope so.

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