Yesterday Paramount announced that they had brought on board French action director Pierre Morel to champion their (presumably) big budget remake of the sci-fi epic Dune. Having hypothesized that Morel has what it takes to make a unique, deep-pocketed tent pole film, I found this to be good news. However, if you were in the opposite camp, the one who finds Morel's brand of explosion-happy, character-lite filmmaking to be no different than any number of other loud studio actioners, then chances are this new trailer (watch it after the jump) for his latest film, From Paris With Love, isn't going to do a thing to quell any skepticism regarding his ability to transport audiences to another planet.

And you'd be excused if you dismissed this trailer, which showcases a butch and bald John Travolta beating up Parisian terrorists, and shooting up Parisian terrorists, and blowing up Parisian terrorists, with laughs. It does, without question, look absurd. But Morel's kind of absurd is very different than the strain sold by, say, Crank creators Neveldine and Taylor. Whereas they play fast and loose with camera techniques to deliver vulgar, brainless violence, Morel takes a no joke attitude to his action movies. Sure, the buddy cop format pairing the loose cannon Travolta with the fresh-out-of-the-academy Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks to be full of chuckles, but there's nothing in Morel's technique that screams he's taking all of this silliness anything less than serious.

His films are all shot with a restrained, show-it-all agenda, a trait he's no doubt developed under the tutelage of his friend/mentor Luc Besson. So while this trailer is edited for broad, action-movie appeal, I would expect the final product to continue the fun, but not goofy run of action Morel's made himself known for when it arrives in theaters February 6th.