Ron Howard continues to puzzle us. The man has a mountain of colossal films in his pocket ranging from Splash to Apollo 13 to Frost/Nixon, but we're just not sure why he's being attached to certain projects these days. Back in March, our own Erik Davis posted a discussion piece that puzzled over the news that Howard was in talks to helm the film adaptation of the graphic novel The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft. You know, a hardcore horror tale involving the fundamental forces of evil from the director of Grand Theft Auto.

Now, Variety reports that Howard will be directing an untitled Vince Vaughn comedy about cheating and infidelity. So just to recap, the actor who was just in Couples Retreat is going to be directed by the same man who just gave us The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. Just like Erik, I have to wonder ... is this the right guy for the job? Don't get me wrong, I love some of Howard's films (even Far and Away which should get me lynched), but the guy hasn't directed a comedy since Edtv in 1999. Does it make me an ageist that I think Howard is a bit too old for this project?

Ron, rather than getting behind something like this, why not nudge Mitch Hurwitz in the ribs to get the Arrested Development movie finally rolling along? Or what about the remake of the 1970s sci-fi film Colossus that we keep hearing about? Vaughn comedy directors are a dime a dozen. Heck, he can just stick Peter Billingsley in there. To paraphrase J.K. Rowling, we want our old Won-Won back.
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