Welcome back to Terror Tapes. The weekly feature where I trudge through the celluloid sewer trying hard to stay at least moderately dry. So far I have stepped foolishly into piles of rancid video tape but I am confident there is something of incalculable value floating among the waste. The movies I watch for this column are typically the ones that never made the leap to DVD; for one glaringly obvious reason or another. An alarming commonality with horror films, both presently and in the heyday of my beloved format, is the in-name-only sequel.

Basically a movie is released in theaters that resonates with audiences, even the grindhouse or midnight movie set, and studios get greedy. Suddenly, or in this particular case 11 years later, a sequel is released that has little to nothing to do with the original in the hopes that enough of its fans will be duped into paying admission. I love Alligator (1980) so I was thrilled to come across a VHS of the follow-up Alligator II: The Mutation (1991) and even more thrilled to discover that finding it on DVD is as feasible as finding an actual alligator in a New York sewer.
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