It's a new year and a new decade, which means I have a really good excuse to write a Geek Beat about superheroines. It was one of the very first topics I ever tackled here on my column (and oh how clunky it was!), and I imagine there might be a few more in the dim future. But honestly, 2010 might actually be the year when things changed for the women who fight for truth, justice, and ... well, personal gain. (I'm looking at you, Black Widow and Helen Mirren.)

It goes without saying that the last ten years read like a laundry list of missed opportunities -- Elektra, Dark Phoenix, Lois Lane -- and a few fun exceptions like Pepper Potts and deadly little Miho. (Oh, I know all the arguments against Frank Miller but if I had to choose between watching Miho and S&M Gail or another neurotic Jennifer Aniston heroine, I'd pick the former. But that's just me.) But 2010 has some promise. Why? Well, by June 2010 you're going to have a lot of comic flicks either in theaters or in production. Thor, Green Lantern, Spider-Man 4, and First Avenger: Captain America will all be in various stages of completion. The dust will be settling on Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass, and The Losers. Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, Jonah Hex, and Red all loom on the late summer and fall horizon. Hell, you might even know just who The Avengers are!

So what? Well, many of these films are going to feature women as important characters. Some will have superpowers, some will just be packing heat, some may be entirely ordinary, and some will be nothing but love interests. One isn't even really a woman, but a young girl. But the possibility of cool is there for all of them, and there's rumblings in the land of Marvel that could shake up just who and what becomes a hot new film franchise in the coming years.

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